Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alexander Lawrence Morales 11/23/11

I had a horrible reaction to the meds! Notice my whole face covered in hives...very irritating!

aunt Brin came out to visit-LOVED having her home. (not to mention LOVE the massages...)

Gma Joy

Gpa Lanny

Proud Papa

Cielo's first time getting to hold him

Graci's first time holding him

the Kay's came to visit over Thanksgiving-fun to have a quick visit with them.

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Kandice said...

Oh he is VERY cute!! Congrats :)

AndreaVerlie said...

Oh he's adorable Kyndi!!

Shaylah said...

What a handsome little guy! Can't wait to snuggle that little bug! Give him and those beautiful girls loves for me!

Stephanie said...

OH CONGRATS! He looks perfect! I'm soooo needing a baby fix, so let me know if you need any help! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog- I had NO idea how to spell Kwak! I'm just glad you put it on there so I could fix it! (I even asked everyone at work!) You really do need to get White Christmas. I wish I had it on DVD for you to borrow- it's been on the satellite stations a lot lately, it's one of those movies that's long- old fashioned and feel-good... hope things are working out...Merry Christmas!

Candace McClintick said...

What a cutie! Hope you all had a good Christmas!

gamma said...

sweet sweet little one, he is beautiful!!!!!!getting to go over and hold him for a bit was much better than any thanksgiving dinner that I can think of!!