Friday, August 12, 2011

$ Ideas

In an attempt to become completely debt free due to an overwhelming new load of medical bills and with the baby coming in 13 short weeks adding more expenses that we aren't currently used to paying, we need any and all ideas to save money. We have already cut out satellite, phone line, downed our cell phone plan, changed garbage service to the cheapest provider I could find, don't water as much, turned the a/c to 76* (Edgar might move out for this one :), plan our drives better to save gas, use coupons, stopped eating out (except for very rare occasions), sold Edgar's truck, changed our car insurance plan and use a discount thru E's work, and changed our internet provider. (I still have to submit assignments via internet-but I guess I could completely cancel it, and just go to someone else's house.) So if anybody has ideas for us please feel free to tell me-I take constructive criticism very well. :) Point out my poor $ choices and help me save!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

some quick hilights of Mexico July 2011

Waiting for our turn to board.

Cielo waiting at Mercado(?sp) She looks so much like Darla from the Little Rascals in this pic to me...and she was acting a bit Darla-ish, too! It was cute!



Face painting. and yes, they are in long sleeves in Mexico-they were cold and wet because it never stopped raining!

not the best pic of us but this was on the street when we were trying to get a taxi back to Las Aguiles and we got stuck in a downpour and none of the taxi's would stop and the ones that did were trying to charge us triple because I looked like a tourist. We finally found one that was nice though.

Climbing the only tree around the bright colored neighborhood we were visiting.

Teotihuacan Pyramids-way too many stairs for me, but really cool anyways.

Edgar's cousin Julio's wedding celebration.

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The beach near Acapulco...
Maybe I'll get around to more detailed trip stories but for now-ENJOY!