Monday, March 29, 2010

The girls.......

I'm pretty be able to help raise these sweet girls (looks can be decieving) and cuz Graci only told me she was going to call the police twice today! (When she gets mad at me she either prays for Grandma Nellie to come save her or she threatens me that she's gonig to call the police. FYI-both times she was mad enough at me today involved chocolate or not letting her stick her hands out of the car window driving down main street-so it's obvious I was the one needing straightened out-what kind of mom says no to chocolate for breakfast?) Anyways, on a side note my new favorite Graci saying ..."Can I get a thumbs up?" or "How about bowf-a-dem?" (both of them)
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Soccer Practice

Good thing the girls love to play rough with their Daddy or I think Edgar might even be more baby hungry for a boy than he already is. (if that's even possible) Check out Graci's kick...that's my uncoordinated ballerina drama queen right there-after she kicked it she even did a victory dance. It was so funny!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going Private....

please leave your email address if you want an invite to our blog as it will be going private very shortly... I have it set so the comments are not visible to the readers so even if you are just a friend of a friend but you still want access to our blog then please feel free to comment and I'll send the invite as soon as I'm ready for it to be private. Thanks!