Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Aspirations (barely posting them)

Some things I genuinly want to accomplish during the year 2011 (in no particular order) will be mentioned in this post. If you think they are dumb, weird, a waste of time or whatever else they might be to someone else, they are of great importance to me and I want them documented so that I will be held accountable for them. If you have positive reinforcement for me then feel free to let me know, otherwise I don't want to hear it.

1. get a good quality set of knives and at least the basics of a good set of pots & pans-I'm tired of our crappy knives and I'm really sick of only having one size of pot to work with. Don't even get me started on our pan (yes, we only have one)

2. set a family budget and STICK TO IT!!!!

~subsection of down the mortgage as much as possible!

~get completely out of debt otherwise

~get a cushion in savings

3. get something accomplished in the yard (aim low, avoid disappointment-anything that gets done will be better than last year....not gonna get too specific on this one) and also recent events have made me very bitter about this so I'm just going to drop it cuz I know we are doing our best.

4. get our food storage in order!! food, toilet paper, other household items...etc...and get it good!

5. pay off $15k medical bills

6. plan & paint the girls room, master bed and bath, and at least an accent wall of the dining/kitchen/frontroom area but preferrably rid my whole house of the oatmeal color before I become depressed.

7. get the girls into swimming and dance lessons

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