Tuesday, December 7, 2010

latest rantings

Just when I think I should work full time, I get my mind changed for me :) and now only work 2 days a week, & I'm still the floater...which lead me to think another baby might be in store....which got me released from YW :( and put in as the trek specialist...can't be a prego trek leader...pretty sure it all boils down to, if I think it, it will most likely be the opposite. FYI.

and Christmas is canceled at our house, due to my 3 year old disaster on legs... Don't watch Ramona & Beezus with influential children that would find it funny to squirt an entire tube of toothpaste in the sink....but seriously, that's nothing compared to the tantrum in Wal-Mart today. Let's just say I was one snot rocket away from sending Cielo home with the next person that walked by saying, "isn't she cute? just remember you'll look back and laugh at this one day!" The lady in line in front of us even said, "I have one too, and if he would have been first, he would have been last...is she your youngest?" Hush woman, I'm obviously not in the mood for people telling me my kid is out of control...I'm well aware of it.

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BrEZe said...

you poor thing.. hopefully it's just a phase... (unfortunately, i keep saying that about MY daughter, and she has yet to grow out of hers..) on the upside-if you can figure out a way to handle it, you will most likely be able to handle the next one with ease! :)i miss you..! you can call and vent any time!