Friday, October 7, 2011


I can cross 3 things off of my pinterest "to-do" list! Yesterday I made laundry soap, dishwasher soap and a huge batch of the yummiest roasted salsa! I'm so excited about the soaps that I'm documenting it so I know exactly how long a batch will last me and how much $$ it cost. Hopefully it is going to be a huge money saver... so here's the link in case you are interested. (I'm so computer illiterate that I can't figure out how to do an actual cute simple link like the rest of you day though)

Also, I fired the tooth-fairy. Second time she's left the tooth/spacer out for the girls to find. (Actually the spacer was in the garbage can, it just so happened that was the ONLY thing in the garbage can so when Graci threw her napkin away she saw it...this time the tooth was left on the freaking counter.) Graci was so excited though-she said, "yeah, the tooth fairy remembered that I wanted to see my tooth again! I bet she was really dizzy from flying so her eyes were silly and she dropped it on the counter-or maybe it was so late in the midnight that she was tired and forgot it." I'm going to have to agree on the so late in the midnight that she forgot it........

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Gwendy Lynn said...

My mom and I have been making our own laundry detergent for about six months now. I LOVE it!!! She figured out that its about 25 cents a load when you buy it pre-made from the store and about 1 to 2 cents a load when you make it!!! A HUGE difference!! And I think they work just as well. We found a whitener for shirts. I've noticed a difference in my whites too. I can't wait to see what you think of it!