Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #4

Too many bad habits-can't narrow it down to just one. :o( jk, I don't know...this is a dumb one. I'll get back to you.


The Dansies said...

You need to inform me when you update or something. I stopped checking your blog regularly because every time I did it was Edgar and the girls (not that they are beautiful). but now I'll have to remember to hop on when I check all my private blogs! Yay! We had so much fun with you guys this weekend, sorry I was so unorganized and starved you all while here. Breah keeps asking how come you had to leave so soon?

Shaylah said...

Well, that works too, just go public again and get me all excited about 6 new posts...well, we are out the door on our way to see you! Love ya!