Wednesday, February 23, 2011

recent pic of me & 15 interesting facts...

Wow I'm horrible at updating. Anywho, with that being said here's Day One....this is the most recent picture of me (that I have downloaded) & 15 intersting (?) facts.
hmmm, well
1.I have a thing with odd numbers (hate 'em-they make me physically nervous)
2.Movie theaters scare me, seriously how many people have sat in those chairs with nasty sweaty discusting bodies and leaned their sick greasy lice infested head on the seat....yuck.
3.I have an obsession with notebooks, writing utensils and list making.
4.I'm trying to dial down the "crazy lady" image so now I'll just state normal things.
5.I think this is a huge waste of time but I'm trying to enjoy it while the girls are asleep. girls are asleep @ 7:15 PM...anybody want them when they can't go to sleep tonight? :)
7.i want to sign up for a marathon or a 5K or something. actually, I'll probably just sign up for a quick jaunt to the mail box and call it a day.
8.I WILL decorate my girls' bedroom (homeade quilts, repaint, etc...) before their birthdays-that's like 4 months away, I should be able to do it by then.
9.I want long locks asap.
10.i can understand Spanigh well enough to follow conversations without help from my hunky translator but
11.I FREAK OUT when I try to say anything in spanish cuz I get all nervous and stuff.
12.My mom is my best friend. Seriously.
13. I still get butterflies when Edgar comes home or even calls.
14. I'm embarrassed that I said that but he just called.
15. I don't think I'm responsible enough to be married, be a mom, own a home, have a job, pretty much all the responsibilities that come with being an adult....but I LOVE every minute of it all and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything.


Gwendy Lynn said...

If you want to run a 5k (or ANY type of race for that matter) let me know! I ALWAYS love when someone I know is doing the race too!!!

Kays said...

I love your #12 and #13 and I'd love to help with #8 , it's always funner at someone elses house!


Candace McClintick said...

I make lists, too. I even make lists of lists I should make...