Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some random thoughts

I was blog hopping and my friend had updated with random thoughts as they popped into her head. I want to try the same thing cause I like to look back on our blog but most of the time I only bog about big things and not the everyday stuff so read on if you want to.

1. I want to go snuggle baby Bransyn again. Cute little guy-and I'm glad he lives so close so that I'll be able to squish him lots!
2. I REALLY want to meet baby Tayven and I hear rumor that I might get to snuggle him next week... all my extrimities are crossed that that will actually happen!!!
3. gotta get my baby fix from all the sisters and in-laws cuz we all know that we will not have anymore children until 2015...if even that soon.
4. people think I'm kidding when I say we have to wait that long....I am as serious as a heart attack!
5. I wish I had energy to get off my bum and get something done on my day off.
6. I hate that I feel trapped in my own home, but I'm glad that our neighborhood is now safer and perhaps since it's such a nice day I should go for a walk.
7. my stomach is still churning from this morning when I saw a dog get run over and flip and flop like a dead fish-I'm just glad I wasn't the one that hit him cuz the owner was FREAKING out.
8. some people make me mad and i hate that some people have so much control over my emotions
9. I am SO EXCITED to go to Nauvoo to be with my bestie for her big day!!! (totally love that my travel buddy is also my bestie and totally bummed that Edgar can't go but also WAY excited to have 4 nights of un-interupted sleep.)
10. probably won't sleep good cuz it's been so long since I have been a night without the girls-wait have I ever left both girls over night? I know for sure I haven't been 4 nights without them.
11. Good luck Mom-Brin-Jace&Trev...I'll be praying for you! Hope the girls are good while I'm gone!
12. Hope the girls want to come home to me when I get home :) it's even hard to get them to come home from Grandma Nellie after just a date with my handsome hubby
13. Really glad I found Edgar---I heart you the most babe!
14. VERY greatful for recieving the promptings the other day-very greatful to have been smart (or scared) enough to listen, VERY greatful things didn't get serious and VERY greatful for sweet friends that knew to show up when they did.
15. my whole week was full of perfect timing on others parts and the long talks with the two of you that have helped put things into perspective is greatly appreciated. Don't know how it will turn out but at least I know I did my best.
16. SO SO SO excited for GIRLS CAMP-BABY!!!!!!!!!!
and finally, shouldn't be blogging cuz I have a Joint YW activity needing planned and have NO ideas!!!!!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Gwendy Lynn said...

Hey Kyndi, my blog is gwenlynn.blogspot.com thanks for the chat and haircut the other day! Love it!

Kandice said...

Lots of good thoughts! Sorry you have had some scary things though... Have a super fun and relaxing trip to Nauvoo, how awesome will that be ?!