Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, last Sunday, Graci threw up a few times. Then she was fine until Thursday when she started holding her stomach and folding over in pain. I just figured she was dehydrated or something and finally decided when she had bloody pee (tmi) to take her into the doctor. They tested things and decided she just needed an anti-naseau medicine and sent us on our way. The next day, she got progressively worse, and they took a second look at things and decided it was a bladder infection-gave us meds for that and sent us on our way. The nights are miserable-she's only comfortable when she's folded in half and then wakes up in a rage because her legs are asleep. I attempted to work today but she just got worse as the day went on and Gma Marj was wonderful and stayed with Cielo while I took Graci back a third time to a different doctor. This time we got blood tests, and other testing to make sure she wasn't having a severe problem with bowels or appendicitis or something and it turns out she was having an allergic reaction to the sulfur in the antibiotic from yesterday causing stomach cramping. So hopefully now she will be cured but don't these pic's just break your heart? This bottom one was today. She said she wanted to be a princess, but on a dress, sparkle shoes, and a necklace and then fell over like that crying.
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Kay's said...

I am so sorry, Poor Graci, that sucks i hate hate when my kids are sick. I hope she gets feeling better!!

BrEZe said...

poor graci!! and poor you! that must have sucked... and i must say, i am very impressed by her flexibility in the bottom picture!!! she needs to do ballet or something!! :)

Raynie Pulsipher said...

Aww!! Poor thing!! My whole family got sick right after New Years, even poor Tamberlynn and Sequoia. It was so sad, it's just not fair when little ones get sick.